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calculated that it would be light enough for take-off. >>> california defies the president's changes to obamacare. >> insurers can extend current plans that would otherwise be canceled into 2014. >> what the surprise decision means for your health plan. >> and this computer game has nothing on these angry birds. the foul play forcing postal workers to carry weapons. ,, ,,,, announcer: announcer: right now at sleep train, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. don't comply with the affore care act. on >>> a major blow to californians who hope to keep health insurance policies that don't comply with the affordable care act. on our consumerwatch, julie watts on the state's surprise rejection of president obama's plan. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> reporter: first he promised they could keep them. >> if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan. >> reporter: then people getting
. >>> in the midst of the botched rollout of the affordable care act, president obama announced a concession today. americans may be able to keep their individual insurance plans for one more year. >> the bottom line is, insurers can extend current plans that would otherwise be canceled into 2014 and americans whose plans have been canceled can choose to re-enroll in the same kind of plan. >> this after millions of people were enraged when their insurers canceled current policies under obamacare. since insurance is regulated at the state level, it's up to the commissioners in each state to permit the extension. this is what california's insurance commissioner had to say. >> i have asked "covered california" to take this action immediately so that health insurers then are freed from this contract provision and can then follow the president's request and my request that they allow the existing customers to renew their policies into 2014. >> commissioner dave jones also called on all insurers to issue new notices offering customers the option to renew existing policies. >>> well, it's time to officia
meetings >>> technology experts are rushing to fix the obama care website glitches. but paper applications aren't faring any better. new notes reveal all applications eventually go through the healthcare.gov website. people were told to fill them out to feel like they were making progress. a an outside consultant warned the white house three years ago, that people in charge of the website didn't have the expertise to pull it off. >> when you don't have the right people, and you don't have the right system, something goes wrong. >> the website is being shut down for four hours every night for repairs, and obama care may be coming to your favorite tv show. a foundation supporting the law provided a $500,000 grant to inform tv writer and producers. the hope is that they'll weave obamacare plot lines into popular shows. >>> you know the saying, it's cold and flu season. well it is, and it seems some stores are sticking to their customers. a growing number of people complain they're paying for shots that should be covered by insurance. >> reporter: it's convenient, and quick, and hugely painles
parody rule. >> the new obama care rule requires doctors and insurers to treat mental illness as they would physical illness. that includes substance abuse as well. the obama administration it's part of its effort to reduce gun violence. >>> in just days a satellite is expected to come crashing back to earth. the european space agency says one of its research satellites will hit earth on sunday night or maybe sometime monday. most of the 2500-pound satellite is going to burn up when it reentered the atmosphere. the keyword was most. the agency says it doesn't know where the leftover fragments will land. >> i'd like to know. >>> little foggy this morning, which led to i think one of the best time lapses we've seen. take a look at your television screen and look what happened. watch the fog in the morning just erase itself as the morning progressed. what a beautiful shot there. we had mainly sunny skies. great job there, and we're left with a fine friday evening. another dry day. 48 in a row. here's where we go tonight. lows around 50 in oakland, san francisco. got some video to
. >>> president obama just wrapped up a day trip to san francisco. a second stop. just 30 minutes ago the president waved good-bye to the bay area, boarding air force one to los angeles. during his stop here he put a renewed focus on immigration reform. but as our phil matier reports, the president's speech was interrupted by some determined lek lars. >> most importantly we will live up to our character -- that's exactly what we're talking about. what i'd like to do -- no. no. let me finish. >> [ inaudible ] >> . >> no, no, no. let me -- hold on a second. >> that was the first stop in president obama's whip wind spin through san francisco. a trip that was greeted with both cheers and jeerss. the cheers came on immigration reform. >> the only thing standing in our way right now is the unwillingness of certain republicans in congress to catch up with the rest of the of the country. >> the president also talked about conflict. >> tough talk and bluster may be the easy thing to do politically, but it's not the right thing for our security. >> but it was back to jeers when protesters gree
hammee obama ad >>> for nearly three hours today health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius listened to lawmakers hammer the obama administration for problems with healthcare.gov. some called for a delay of the affordable care act. >> we know that lying to congress is a crime. but unfortunately, lying to the american people is not. >> for millions of americans, delay is not an option. people's lives depend on this. >> sebelius says the website needs more than 100 fixes. some lawmakers are calling for her to resign. >>> coffee giant starbucks is the latest major company to anunce a special hiring program for veterans. the seattle-based chain plans to hire 10,000 veterans and military spouses over the next 5 years. it will also open five stores on or near military bases that will share profits with the local communities. >> i think that's great. i mean, because a lot of them don't have jobs right now. you know, they are probably going through it struggling like everybody else. >> yes. 10,000 is huge. and i think we should keep on doing it. all companies should do it. >> and in
% more possible. join us at kp.org and thrive. obamacare. he's urging president obama to a way to le eir existing >>> former president bill clinton is weighing in on the botched rollout of bay area ma care. he is usualing president obama to find a way to let people keep their existing health coverage as promised. the former president says even if it means changing the law, the white house should honor the commitment made to thousands whose policies are being canceled. our julie watts on the extreme measures the white house is doing in order to get people to signed up. >> reporter: the white house is sending emails to people inviting them to come back and reattempt enrollment. fewer than 50,000 people have been reportedly able to sign up. we're still hearing from viewers who can't sign up on california's website no matter how hard they tried. >> it's acting even worse. >> jeff howard knows a lot about the cover california site. he has been trying to sign up for obamacare for month. >> i have spent upwards from eight to 10 hours total. he says . >> he says every time. >> i get an error mes
from president obama. >> way to go, miles! way to save gotham! >> batkid is the number 3 trending topic on twitter. vice president joe biden joining in writing thanks for saving gotham city, you area real life superhero. senator dianne feinstein tweeted thanks for saving gotham. and the man who drew batman for d.c. comics for years tweeted a custom drawing of batkid that came with a special message for miles signed by graham nolan. >> kpix 5's betty yu has more on how the city came together to make a wish come true. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: he just might be the cutest most intimidating batkid the city of san francisco has ever seen. saving gotham city is hard work but miles scott had the ultimate crime-fighting machine and the support of thousands who helped turn his dream into the real thing. >> i think batkid is so good! he is the ultimate hero. >> i can't even explain it. i'm just so amazed to be here in this great city and to be able to support miles in his make a wish. i'm excited. i'm going to cry. >> us that the luckiest kid in the world to be here growing up in a lamborghini ha
. rallies are planned tomorrow at ucsf medical center and uc- berkeley. >>> president obama is headed to the bay area for another fundraising swing next week. but donors apparently not too eager to open up their wallets. the president is holding a lunch at the sf jazz center monday. our phil matier reports in the "chronicle" the cheap seats that go for about $1,000 being slashed to $500. the $15,000 tickets to a reception with the president may go for $10,000. the democratic national committee has not commented. it's the president's ninth trip to the bay area in the past 2 1/2 years. >>> two fire trucks collide. now the investigation has uncovered an alarming safety violation. how it led to several firefighters being punished. >> a batkid bonanza! the bay area's tiny hero becomes a global phenomenon. how a t-shirt company is using that hype to give back. investigation into three fis involving tesla electric ca. all th >>> the national highway traffic safety administration is launching an investigation now into three fires involving tesla cars. all the attention on the fire incidents h
house tapped silicon valley experts to help fix the obamacare website. among the companies lending him are google, oracle and red hat. the website has been slammed by glitches since it rolled out at the beginning of the month. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was grilled yesterday over the problems. she apologized and accepted the blame. the treasury department is pushing the use it or lose it part of flexible spending accounts. employees will be able to carry up over $500 to the next calendar year of unused funds. 14million families use flexibility spending accounts allowing workers to use pre-tax dollars to pay for select medical expenses. >>> gadgets get the green light. the new changes to help you pass the time on a flight and the one thing you still cannot do during take-off and landing. >> and usually it's chicken creating salmonella fears. but what about the paprika flavoring it? the scary stuff found in imported spices. ,,,,,,,,,,,, nearly 50 students complained of >>> dorm food may be to blame for dozens of sick students on the stanford campus. nearly 50 s
policies in the wake of obamacare. but reporter ron jones says, the way they did it broke the rules. >> reporter: right now, there are 13 major health insurance carriers here in california but there's only one that the insurance commissioner is targeting. >> blue shield then agreed to send out new notices by november 6. >> reporter: california insurance commissioner dave jones says blue shield of california did not play fair with approximately 115,000 of its individual policyholders. the insurance giant is leaving the individual insurance market and gave families a 90-day notice meaning they had until december 31st to find new coverage. >> in 90-day notice is insufficient. they have to send a 180 day notice to customers. >> reporter: jones says out 136 insurance companies in california, blue shield was the only healthcare provider to give a 90-day notice. he threatened to sue. >> blue shield refused to comply with the law so i notified them i would file a court action to force them to comply. >> reporter: this isn't just a california issue. other carriers across the country are tell
in addition year will stay around $12,000 >>> confirmation obamacare enrollment is falling far short of the goal. we learned today just 106,000 people selected health plans in october. the white house had hoped for half a million. fewer than 27,000 used the problem-plagued federal website. the rest used state-run sites such as "covered california." with 35,000 sign-ups, it accounted for a third of the nationwide total and it's gaining steam. >> in the period between november 1 and november 12, an additional 29,000 californians have selected a health plan. what's that mean? more than 2,000 a day are picking health plans through "covered california." that's double the rate we saw in october. >> there are about 7 million uninsured people in california. at a rate of 2,000 signups a day it would take more than 9 years to get them all enrolled. >>> a convicted mobster compared to satan. >> you're looking at pure evil when you look him in the eye like i have. >> how james "whitey" bulger's victims challenged him right before his sentencing. >> and the lucky break that saved this firefighter
, ernie banks and oprah winfrey. president obama thanked winfrey for her charitable work as well as a career decision. >> early in oprah winfrey's career, her bosses told her she should change her name to susie. [ laughter ] >> i have to pause here to say i got the same advice. [ laughter ] >> also among those honored, the late senator daniel inoue, he is only the second person to receive both the medal of freedom and honor. that's the highest award given out by the military. >>> well, the medal of freedom was started by president kennedy 50 years ago just months before his assassination. >>> actor sean penn didn't take kindly to a fan trying to take his pictures of a san francisco hotel. >> get the [ censored ] out of here. i'll make you eat the -- get out of here! >> all right! >> penn was in lobby bar last night at the st. regis. witnesses say the flash from the phone caught the actor's attention and sparked the outburst. they say penn chased after the man and reportedly slammed his phone to the ground. you can check out the confrontation on our website, kpix.com. >>> turns o
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